Clients use me because I; 

1.   Buy properties for no more than they are worth & generally less than they are worth & a LOT less than the investment in my fee.

  • Accessing properties that you won’t have access to; pre-market, off market, post market
  • Skilled (& at time brutal!!) negotiation
  • Knowing which suburbs are primed for superior capital growth
  • Knowing how to quickly “manufacture" capital growth & increased yield through renovation

“Shortly after purchase & a cosmetic renovation I was offered over 20% more than I had spent on it.” Blake


2.   Provide comfort

  • My clients have a simple documented Search Criteria that they understand - when the Search Criteria is met - they are comfortable that they are buying the right property at or below what is it is worth  

"None of our friends slept at night when they were buying their home - we did! Thanks to Scotty" Kirby and Dom


3.   Make it easy

  • I manage every aspect of the search process 

“Thanks Scotty! You made this as effortless as clicking the Buy button on my share trading account” Kevin


4.   Save time

Get your weekends back. I inspect short listed properties & if they meet our required standard, I organise an inspection, generally private - for you!   

"Scott looked at numerous properties (greater than 40) saving us countless hours and stress. We bought the second property that he selected for us and it met our criteria perfectly” Doug and Kirsten